Framework Single Call

Single Call to Framework

POST /v1/framework


This endpoint delivers scores formatted for visual understanding as per Receptiviti's frameworks. Use this endpoint to obtain scores for a single sample of text. The payload consists of a single JSON object.


  • Total payload cannot exceed 5MB
  • Limited to 10 requests per second per user.


A JSON object with the following fields:

contentYesStringThe text you want to score. This is the only required field and it does not have a default.
request_idStringThis field can be used if you want to associate an identifier with a piece of text. It will be returned with the response. It does not have a default.
curl --location --request \
POST '' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data-raw '{
"request_id": "req-1",
"content": "Some thrilling content..."


Top-level fields:

plan_usageObjectDetails about how many words have been used and how much of your word limit remains for the current period.
resultsArray of objectsThere will be one object for each sample of text in the request. That means for for single-score calls, there will be exactly one object while for bulk-score requests, there will be as many result objects as there were requests.